Why Afrikanda

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Before being named Africa, regions were distinguished by territories as Kathiopa for land of Ethiopia, land of Cham, land of Koush, land of Sheba, Alkebu-lan…

So the Tunisian word Friga/Frika comes from an old Numidia tribe in the Northern Tunisia which means fertile land of corn.

Indeed, the Romans adopted this original toponym and slightly altered it to obtain Africa, ancient name of Tunisia which will become the whole continent one.

According to the famous historian Ibn Khaldoun, these lands were given the name "IFRIQIYA" (Africa) after the invasion of one of the Arab kings of Yemen, and they will be named after him, ie "Ifriqiya `` (Africa) while keeping the Roman appellation of Africa.

As for the word ‘Kanda’ the etymology word means ‘Family’, but literally belonging to a clan or community. Family notion in a wide sense is an ancestral fundamental value in Africa.

By combining Africa and Kanda, we choose to value the continent History, its transverse wealth with the technological inventions made at different times.